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What shades work best to protect us the summer sun?

NOUFIL® proposes two excellent alternatives for protecting your home from the sun this time of year. Everything depends on the type of dwelling and the style you want to give it but, in any case, the best way to protect a space from sunlight and ultraviolet rays will always be to hang the shades outside, since this way, they will absorb the maximum temperature there and prevent this process from occurring inside.

In the first place, you could opt for an outdoor roller shade, in which case the recommended fabric should be Polyscreen or Soltis. Polyscreen is a high-tenacity, PVC-coated polyester fabric that’s very solid and flexible and, depending on its different degrees of opening, will provide more or less comfort, thermal protection and visibility. Soltis, meanwhile, is a micro-perforated fabric made of high-tenacity polyester threads which also offers different degrees of opening, comfort, thermal protection and visibility but is more durable and tear-resistant than Polyscreen.

Either way, an outdoor roller curtain should be attached using a system of steel cables or guides to prevent it from blowing off in the wind. Installing one system or another will depend on the site of placement and desired style, it being possible to choose between one operated with a motor —RTS, IO or button— or, alternatively, a crank.

A second option would be to go for a conventional outdoor shade. In this case, the fabric should be acrylic and mass-pigmented, with high lightfastness to keep sunlight from fading it. It also must be waterproofed to prevent mildew. More natural fabrics, such as flax, may also be chosen, but always light colours, as these fabrics are not treated and the sun would fade dark colours quickly. The most appropriate for these cases are shades with flat-seam sewing, which undulate more or less according to the consumer’s taste.

These shades can be hung from the façade and outdoor pergolas, attached with aluminium rods or decorative bars depending on the space, and should always be possible to move manually. They are a good option if you’d like to add warmth, originality and an attractive aesthetic to your home in addition to protecting yourselves from the sun and heat.

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