Tailor-made with experience and technology.

At NOUFIL® we’ve been manufacturing home textiles and sun protection products for more than three decades. We’re a company with a family tradition, with extensive experience and an artisan vision, which manufactures customised products, always taking care of every detail.

But we also have state-of-the-art industrial processes and have the technology to take on large manufacturing volumes, being able to guarantee traceability and ongoing control.

Each product is unique and we treat it as such. Because our profession is our passion and the satisfaction of our customers is our priority.


01 Fabric reception

We make to measure with our own fabrics as well as with fabrics owned by the customer. Any fabrics owned by the customer arrive at our production site via our own transport service, via a transport agency through the customer or via an agency directly from the supplier. When the fabric is received from the supplier, the customer will be automatically informed via email.

02 Order entry

All orders are entered and scanned into our IT system, and each piece to be made up moves forward in the process with its own production sheet. Through these sheets, we can provide the customer with reliable and instant information on the status of their order, as well as offer real-time control of our production. Industry 4.0 thanks to an exclusive system that we have been developing since 2004.

03 Cutting

Each product is cut individually, as outlined on its production sheet. This phase is essential, as the final result will depend on it, taking into account both the patterns and fabric rapports and the sizes to be added or matched.

04 Making up

Each product is unique and that’s why we treat it in an individual and unique way. We have highly trained staff who are constantly undergoing training and we have specific machinery and tools for each type of sewing. We designed some of them ourselves.
We work with quality control systems during the whole sewing process and with real-time monitoring of the sewing process using bar codes. All of this is designed to facilitate the work and guarantee straight and perfect measurements and seams.

05 Finishes

Gathers, eyelets, rings, hooks, zips or buttons. Once the product has been made up, we add that final detail that makes it unique and special.

06 Checking

The ironing and checking of measurements are the final processes before the product is finished.

07 Dispatch

Hundreds of finished products leave our facilities every day, duly identified to make the work of the installers easier.

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