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Ciesse products, now closer and easier

Since 2010, NOUFIL® has nationally distributed the products of the prestigious Italian brand Ciesse Tendaggi, a company which – since 1968 and over three generations – has continued to rely on 100% local production, bestowing its products with a genuine “made in Italy” seal in addition to exceptional style and quality.

Ciesse offers fabrics of Italian design with high quality and drape as well as burnout fabrics, decorative smooth fabrics with different composition bases and flame-retardant fabrics. They have all been sewn and treated to be free of shrinkage or stretching and meticulously inspected, thus preventing possible defects in the weave and guaranteeing an optimal product.

At the recent Milan Furniture Fair, Ciesse unveiled a new textile display format which brings together many samples in a small space and allows the fabrics to be easily handled. It consists of two decorative boxes: one with 30 collections of flame-retardant fabrics (curtains; thick, dimming and shading fabrics) and another with 38 collections of smooth fabrics intended for decoration (curtains, flaxes, semi-flaxes, voiles and velvets). Nonetheless, any client who wishes to continue working with hangers may do so, as Ciesse will maintain the two formats.

If you would like our sales team to show you their fabrics in their new format, contact us, here.

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