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What materials to use for decorating with outdoor cushions and mats?

When choosing foams and fabrics for our outdoor decoration, we need to keep in mind how each element will be used and where it will be placed.

Exposure to sun, water or humidity is a major constraint: designing cushions for a porch and for a poolside recliner is not the same thing. In the latter example, for elements subject to sun and water, at NOUFIL®, we propose a Dry Feel foam filling and a non-impermeable outdoor fabric.

Dry Feel foam is made of waterproof polyurethane, is very porous and is perfect for spaces and elements where water, humidity and heat play major roles, such as backyard furniture, poolside recliners or boats. It is, in addition, an extra strong and water filtering foam, with a fungicide treatment that makes it more durable and resistant to bacteria and mould.

As for the fabric, we can choose between two options. On the one hand, there are polyester fabrics with high UV resistance, no discolouration and high resistance to humidity, albeit with a somewhat artificial look and feel. On the other hand, and as a better alternative, one can opt for mass-dyed acrylic fabrics. They are more resistant to sunlight and have excellent colour stability, are highly resistant to cleaning solvents, do not generate mould or bacteria and are quite pleasant and more natural to the touch.

However, if our outdoor element is going to be protected by a porch, other materials may work as well: we could choose indoor foam and, in terms of the fabrics, in addition to the two mentioned above, we could also use cotton and linen canvasses, more natural although less resistant to humidity and mould. To prevent this problem, it would be worth it to waterproof these fabrics to increase their resistance.

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