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Noufil® collaborates in research to fight child cancer

At NOUFIL®, people come first. Last November 2020, we started a charity campaign to fight child cancer. It’s an illness that we’ve had to experience firsthand.

Marta Pregonas, one of the three siblings who lead NOUFIL®, will explain it for herself. Her son Martí, unfortunately, was forced to fight this horrible disease. Thanks to God, thanks to the doctors, thanks to the treatments, thanks to research, thanks to anything that comes to mind, Martí recovered.

They were some very hard months and with a lot of learning.

As you know, at NOUFIL®, we are a family company. You’re not going to believe it, but at first, I only suffered for the company. They had just diagnosed Martí and my head was split into a hundred different little pieces. From minute zero, my siblings made it possible for me to focus 100% on Martí and forget about the company. I did just so and spent every minute with him. At first, all we could do was try to understand what was happening, through the doctors, through his reactions to the treatment…but as time went by, as we got more and more familiar with the medical jargon, as we started to receive good news…we opened up to learning about and participating in everything the hospital Sant Joan de Déu was offering us to make everything smoother.

At the hospital, they never abandoned us, neither Martí nor the family members, for a single moment. The doctors, the nurses, the teachers who kept him on track with school, the physical therapists, the Pallapupes, the attendants…everyone, everyone, everyone transmitted affection, energy, strength… and the will to keep going. When we were already beginning to see the light, at the end of the journey, we decided to find out what the Candela Bracelets Association was and Núria came to introduce it to us. I remember the moment when she explained it to us and Alicia, the mother of Daniel, another sick child. Núria taught us how to weave and we got down to work.

The hours in the hospital became much easier; we wove bracelets, bagged them up and handed them over to Núria so she could distribute them. Our hours began to have meaning and especially Martí’s. By weaving these Candela bracelets, we were helping more children like Martí get better.

When we left the hospital, we felt we had the duty to give back everything we’d been given.

And so we did. We lived in Capellades, and the Capellades Commerce Association came forward to run a charity campaign with the Candela Bracelets Association to raise funds for child cancer research. In just two months, the Capellades Commerce Association raised the spectacular figure of €9,131.

2020 was a very hard year because of Covid-19. The Candela Bracelets association was also affected, as they couldn’t hold fundraising events. That was when we got the idea of running a campaign through Noufil with a final collection of €4,668.

We can’t help but mention the customers and companies who gave us their unconditional support. To all of them: THANK YOU SO MUCH! They were: Núria Pijuan Santacana (Decoració Torredembarra, Torredembarra), Fernando Sánchez Tortras (Lo Tapi’s, Balaguer), Antonio Carcaré, SL (Carcaré, Lleida), Ferran Garcia Salse (Art i Decoració, Girona), Rafael Navajas, SL (Navajas, Igualada), Fusteria i Mobles Arbúcies, SL (Fima, Arbúcies), Vipac Decoració, SL (Vipac, Lleida), Josep Llobet Riasol (Llobet, Mollerussa), Tapiman, SL (Manresa), J. Morato, SA (Mobles Morató, Vilafranca), Gabriela Chaves Gálvez (Nou Trecha, Sant Cugat del Vallès), Carme Burges Regi (Carme Burges, Calaf), Mobles Montane, SL (Mobles Montane, Sant Celoni), Delfín Detall, SL (Delfín Detall, Tàrrega), Capdevila Loft, SLU (Capdevila Loft, Mollerussa), Montajes y Diseños Marcos, SL (Montajes y Diseños Marcos, Barcelona), Solé Decoració, SCP (L’Encert, Sant Vicenç de Castellet), Decoració i Interiorisme Sala, SL (Mobles Sala, Bellpuig), Sara Tomàs Riu (Mobles Jordi Tomàs, Gironella), Joreva Estudi, SL (Joreva, la Garriga), Anna Casas Enrich (Intimum, Igualada), Barba-Carreras, SL (Carreras, Terrassa), Comercial Textil Sánchez, SA (10×10 Montigalà, Sant Feliu, Tarragona, Manresa, Martorell)

But now, we can’t stop: research is fundamental so that more children can be cured!

That’s why now, at Noufil, we encourage everyone to do their own little part through the Candela Bracelets Foundation:

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