Since 1984 dressing spaces

Motorized battery-powered RTS system, Irismo, for traditional curtains

Motor with RTS technology for conventional indoor battery-powered wireless curtains.

The curtain opens and closes just by touching the curtain with your hand.

Long-lasting (9 months) rechargeable battery. Energy-saving motor. Lithium-ion battery.

The curtain may weigh up to 45 kg.

The track motor is hidden behind the curtain.

The track may have a maximum length of 10 m and they are suitable for right, left or central opening.

The motor’s capacity is lowered by at least 30% when the track is curved. 30 cm minimum radius.

Voltage / Frequency: DC – RGE8 24V

Radio frequency: 433 MHz.

Number of channels: 12.

Indoor range: 20 m.


Telis RTS 1-channel control unit, pure

Ref. S25TE9200000

Telis RTS 5-channel control unit, pure

Ref. S25TE9200002

Telis RTS 16-channel control unit, pure

Ref. S25TE9200001

Soliris RTS 1-channel control unit, pure

Ref. S25SO9200000

Soliris RTS 5-channel control unit, pure

Ref. S25SO9200001

Chronis RTS 6-channel control unit, pure (timer control)

Ref. S25CH9200000

Smoove O/C IO control unit

Smoove frame, pure

Ref. S22MS9200001

Smoove frame, silver

Ref. S22MS9300000

Smoove frame, black

Ref. S22MS0400000

Smoove double frame, pure

Ref. S22MS9200000

Battery charger

Ref. Cargador Irismo

Sunis outdoor Wirefree RTS sensor (sun, wireless)

Ref. S25SU9200002

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